Geweldige set JBL L220 te koop! Zeldzaam!

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Categorie Luidsprekersets
Type L220
Conditie Gebruikt
Bouwjaar 1980
Geplaatst op 01-11-2022


Geweldige topset JBL L220`s!!! Zelden aangeboden!
Alleen serieuze biedingen via HiFi!
Gelieve niet te vragen wat mijn richtprijs is, gewoon bieden als je interesse hebt.
Kijk op Hifishark wat de vraagprijzen zijn voor deze geweldige speakers!
Graag ophalen maar bezorgen tegen benzinekosten is mogelijk!

Type3-way, 3-speaker, passive radiator system
? Floor type

Units UsedFor Low Band : 36 cm Cone Type (LE14A)
For Medium Range : 13 cm Cone Type (LE5-9) + Acoustic Lens
For High Pass : Horn Type (076)
Passive radiator : PR15C
Dedicated 3-way network
Rated input75W (continuous sine wave)
Impedance8 ?
Crossover frequency800 Hz, 5 kHz
Output sound pressure level90 dB (New JIS)
External dimensions
Width 512x Height 1,225x Depth 390 mm
Weight48 kg (when packed)

This floor-type speaker system incorporates JBL`s studio monitor speaker technology and new technology.

By aligning the sound source positions of each unit in the L220, the arrival time of the sound emitted from each sound source to the front baffle is kept equal. The sound emitted from these units is guided to a single flat front baffle and radiated, preventing unnecessary reflection and enabling sound radiation with excellent phase characteristics.
In addition, the unit layout is arranged in a vertical line to obtain a uniform sound source, thereby realizing more accurate sound image localization.

In the low range, it is equipped with LE14A which is a 36 cm cone shaped woofer which is also adopted in L101.
JBL`s traditional Alnico V magnet is used for the magnetic circuit of this unit. The 10.2 cm voice coil is edgewise wound with copper ribbon wire. The LE14A voice coil has a large diameter relative to the diameter, so it has excellent transient response and efficiency.

For low-frequency use, it is equipped with a passive radiator PR15C, 38 cm in diameter, which is the same as the Olympus S508.
PR15C 5C is highly compliant and approximately 30% larger than the woofer, the LE14A is used in combination with the PR15C to improve the low-frequency response.

The middle area is equipped with LE5-9 of 13 cm cone type skoker.
To prevent interference from the woofer, it is housed in a separate chamber and mounted with a sub-baffle plate behind the main baffle plate.
The sub-baffle is equipped with a special acoustic lens in front of the sub-baffle. The acoustic lens guides the sound emitted from the squaker to the main baffle surface and diffuses it at an ideal angle.

A horn type tweeter 076 is installed in the high range.
The 076 is an elliptical horn type unit that uses a ring diaphragm unique to JBL. It has a structure that connects a phasing plug that keeps phase and amplitude constant to an exponential horn with an elliptical cross section to control directional characteristics. It is also designed so that the sound source of the tweeter is aligned with other units.

The network has built-in impedance equalization and phase correction circuits designed to prevent peak-dip and phase distortion near the crossover frequency of each speaker unit.

The front of the enclosure is a pick-trapezoid floor, providing sufficient strength while minimizing floor space.
In addition, the exterior is a traditional hand-polished black walnut material.